At Sprout, we offer a variety of landscape services including landscape design, consulting, construction and maintenance. We start by determining your goals to help decide which service is right for you. 

We have limited availability for the remaining 2024 season. Please inquire about future availability through our contact form.

Once we’ve discussed your project, we will have you fill out our Landscape Questionnaire to help provide detailed information about you and your property.

Landscape Design Services:

Our landscape design packages feature a scaled landscape plan, which includes all the existing and new features and materials labeled for clear identification.

The starting prices listed below are based on the general size of the area and typical amount of detail needed. For example, a basic bed and shrub layout would require much less detail than an expansive mixed perennial garden.

Small Area (<1000 sq ft): $400+

Large Area (>1000 sq ft): $600+

Small Property (front, back and side yards): $800+

Large Property (front, back and side yards): $1100+

*Every client’s situation is different; the above pricing is a basic guideline and is subject to change.

Click to enlarge each sample landscape design below: